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In more than 30 years LAR Process Analysers AG has established itself as world's leading manufacturer of high quality online water analyzers. The measurement systems are for the determination of sum parameters such as TOC, TNb, TOD, COD, BOD and toxicity. LAR’s application-specific analyzers are used for the optimization of industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants, for environmental monitoring, as well as for process control in various industries.


Based on their high precision, reliability and speed, LAR’s analyzers are used in various industries, e.g. petrochemical, pulp and paper, pharma, food/beverage and airports.


From complex industrial waste water to pharmaceutical pure water, LAR offers the proper solution for any water analysis challenge (e.g. process water, boiler feed water, oil-in-water).


LAR develops tailor-made analyzers that are versatile in meeting the demands of different applications and industries. Please find the right analyzer for your specific needs.

Our Solutions

  • TOC Analyzer QuickTOCultra, ULTRA-Series


    LAR offers a wide range of application-specific total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers that meet even the most demanding requirements of the industry.


  • COD Analyzer QuickCODultra, ULTRA-Series


    With our Ultra-Series, LAR offers innovative chemical oxygen demand (COD) analyzers that measure COD directly without the need of chemicals.


  • BOD analyzer BioMonitor, BOD-Series

    BOD-/ Toxicity-Analysis

    With our BioMonitor, we offer a fast and reliable solution for the determination of the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) - and all this within a few minutes.
    In addition, we offer continuous analyzers for the determination of toxicity for various applications.


  • TN-Analyzer QuickTOCultra, ULTRA-Series


    LAR's online total nitrogen bound (TNb) analyzers are suiteable for the most challenging applications with complex water matrices.


  • Relative Humidity

    LAR offers with its brand Hygrocontrol high-precision relative humidity and temperature meter (hygrometer) for industrial use.


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